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The object of NMA is to highlight the problems which have been plaguing the small and medium newspaper and electronic media industry. NMA is a common platform at the national level.
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NMA is an umbrella organisation at the national level, that facilitates communication between members of print media (Daily's, Weeky's & Bi Weekly's, Fortnightly's, Monthly's, Online Digests, others) and electronic media both and believes that experience exchange is vital in tackling issues and problems facing our newspaper and electronic media industry. As per data available, circulation of small, medium and regional language newspapers is 11 times more than English newspapers. With growth of literacy, the demand for language newspapers is increasing.

The mission of the Newspapers & Media Association (NMA) is to support a movement that creates and upholds journalistic and ethical standards while promoting assistance and empowerment among its members. As an international media organisation, NMA aims to encourage and support small and medium newspapers, journals, periodicals, online digests, television channels etc., to create innovative and sustainable social enterprises and aims to build a just, civil society in India.

News Paper and Media Association

1.         A strong stand of Newspaper & Media Association against Government :– It is my humble request to government that the news Reporters, Photographers etc. should be provided proper protection at the site especially where there is risk to their lives while performing their duties. If an M.L.A  is provided with security and police protection despite his capabilities to handle the things at his own, then why not to a Reporter or Editor? It is the general illusion that the facts revealed by a reporter are oftenly, mistaken in spite of his honest expression to all and sundry.

2.         The government has not increased the rates regarding DAVP. According to circulation of the paper, old rates are still existing. It is mentionable here that the salaries of MLAs and ministers are increased, price of the general consumer items are getting hike day by day but the rates regarding DAVP are not revised yet. On the other hand the rates of paper are increased as wall as the govt. paper quota also got a check. It seems the existing government policies are  against the Press and Media. The efforts of letting down the Press are continuously going on by the government, following the Divide and Rule policy. For  Its own benefit the government is trying to divide the press and media into two groups ignoring the truth that the news paper & media is united, never  divided and work for the same interests.

3.         It is also notable here that the Government, generally, does not allow each and every press Reporter to enter all the places. Now the scenario is changed as the coverage of all the places is not allowed to the reporters and media, while during the period of Pt Nehru and Smt. Indira Gandhi they were allowed to go any where including the ministries. It clearly shows the unhealthy intension of the government. Is there any fear or illwill of government? It is our humble request to government again to allow them to enter all the places because it is the Press & Media only that have presented the real picture of various scams and episodes raising the curtain of conspiracy for truthiness.